Maker Moments

Maker Moments is a series is to give our customers and friends a little more insight into artists’ process and what they make in the UrbanGlass studio. Stay tuned to our Programs listings and our Instagram page for upcoming Maker Moments interviews. 


November 1st, 2021 interview with Ope Omojola of Octave Jewelry



October 24th, 2021 Instagram takeover of the NYC Jewelry Week page for an interview with Alex Stanyon, UrbanSparkle 2021 exhibiting artist.




September 21st, 2021 interview with Victoria Amahdizadeh, Director of The Bead Project



August 30th, 2021 Interview with Kellie Krouse



July 19th, 2021 Interview with Mike Jess



June 7th, 2021 Interview with exhibiting Window Gallery artist Jasmine Anokye



May 6th, 2021 Special Edition interview with Chris Wolston



April 13th, 2021 Interview with James Akers



March 29th, 2021 Interview with Courtney McCloskey



February 16th, 2021 Interview with Mary Ancel



 December 8th, 2020: Special Episode with the artists of UrbanSparkle



October 31st, 2020 Interview with Grace Whiteside

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September 22nd, 2020 Interview with artist Robert Burch


August 18, 2020: Interview with artist Bianca Abreau of Aur Jewelry


May 25, 2020: Interview with artist Erica Rosenfeld.


May 18, 2020: Interview with artist Deborah Czeresko


 May 11, 2020: Interview with artists Susan Spiranovich and Adam Holtzinger of KEEP Brooklyn


May 4, 2020: Interview with artist William Couig of FurthurDesign.