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The UrbanGlass Pinch



The UrbanGlass Pinch is a salt cellar designed and made by Erin Daily and Brian Weissman of Brooklyn Metal Works, in collaboration with Brooklyn-based artist, Anders Rydstedt. 

The UrbanGlass Pinch is designed with the salt enthusiast in mind. Someone who appreciates the unique qualities of various sea salt crystals and salt flakes; someone who knows that no regular shaker will do. This special container is scaled to hand size for ease of use. The glass base has an aesthetic appeal similar to most salts, a translucency that shifts with the thickness of the form. The metal lid, which doubles as a serving dish, is square in honor of the NaCl cubic unit. This metal is physically pinched to hug the glass lip, creating a visual effect that mimics the physical action of the hand gathering salt from the dish.   

Glass cellar form is 1.75" h x 3" d.

Metal top is 1.25" h x 5" w. 

*Brass and copper may oxidize over time but can be cleaned with Bar Keepers Friend. However, the stainless steel top will not oxidize.

Pairs nicely with finishing salts from the Syracuse Salt Company as a gift set, now sold at UrbanGlass|ware! 

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