October 20 2016

Introducing, the new UrbanGlass Terrarium

We're thrilled to bring in a new product under the UrbanGlass|ware brand. We will celebrate the unveiling of the UrbanGlass Terrarium on Wednesday October 26th, from 5-8pm. Won't you join us?

The UrbanGlass Terrarium is designed by Brooklyn-based artist Amy Lemaire, in collaboration with the Brooklyn Botanic Garden. Each piece is hand-blown on the torch in the UrbanGlass studio and comes with an air plant, but can be used to display a variety of floral arrangements. Inspired by Lemaire's decade of work as a floral designer, the UrbanGlass Terrarium is reminiscent of Banksia tree flower pods.


Every terrarium is unique but falls within the following general dimensions:

5" l. x 3" w. x 2" h.

Here's a video of Amy Lemaire making one of the UrbanGlass Terrariums:

UrbanGlass Terrarium from Rachel Rader on Vimeo.